Pittwater Offshore Weekend

Saturday’s race had a rolling start as we waited for the wind to fill, which filled from the sea to provide a day of spinnaker sailing to pittwater. Saturday night was the usual drinks and dinner, games of pool, drinks cut and time to leave kind of night…..

Sunday saw a light to moderate seabreeze, with a few frustrating moments (leaving pittwater for some). And then a late storm with a very big southerly that forced the fleet to retire (all but 1).

This was the last of the 6 race combined offshore point score series between newcastle yacht club and lake macquarie yacht club.

With the results for the COPS Races

1 – Summer Salt, 21 pts

2 – Menace, 30 pts

3 – Nutcracker, 32 pts

Results for the Lake Macquarie Offshore pointscore series

1 – Menace, 8 pts

2 – Stampede, 14 pts

3 – Current Affair, 15 pts

Good work John with the camera!!

P1000158 P1000160 P1000162 P1000164 P1000165 P1000166 P1000171 P1000172 P1000177 P1000179 P1000181 P1000182


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