Last sunset

Hopefully the last sunset from the water, we’re just moving, frustrating, hopefully breeze from the north overnight



4 responses to “Last sunset

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but your looking at sunset tomorrow as well. Estimated time of arrival at this point is 11:16pm 30/12/11 MENACE adn 11:18pmLMR. The boats further down the coast are on a lot less wind than you guys and are averaging 1-2 knots. hope you get in by New Years Eve or the Girls will be messy by then. XXOO Jane

  2. Morning guys.hope you are all well this morning and ready for another long day. very little breeze this morning once you come round Tasman Island. Take care and stay safe.

  3. Morning Menace. Hope your night was OK. We are wishing for some morning breeze for you. Hope you get there before the girls get messy.

  4. Hey Greg, is there a sunrise photo? There should not be any buildings, trees or mountains to block the view.

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