Big night, and day

Plenty of wind straight on the nose, 4 crew have had chunkies with 1 down with sea sickness, pushing on with no.3 and reef, not much food being eaten, bass straight forecast sounds like a time to regroup (and eat). More to come


5 responses to “Big night, and day

  1. Glad to hear you’re goin OK Greg, stay safe and enjoy the ride.
    Later on when I’m sitting in my nice dry warm house having a glass of red I’ll probably think I wonder where Menace is.

  2. Well guys hope you all are feeling better by Bass Strait. Wild Thing, Celestial and Accenture Yeah Baby are all out after last night with damage. Wild thing was coming 3rd line honours poor bastards, now there heading back to Sydney. Jessica Watson and all the Teenage Punks are taking you down at the moment so Tuffen up and Catch those Kids. xxoo Jane Gango

  3. Get ur shit sorted boys and get in there on the 30th… Don’t want to be celebrating new yrs without u
    Give my boys a kiss

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